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Examido is an interactive educational platform where teachers and their students interact with one another, learn, make tests, share knowledge, discuss, clarify ambiguities, exchange points of views, and communicate.

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Share courses and useful files and update your learning resources!

Examido has courses and a rich and comprehensive library which covers many topics and fields.
Students & teachers can share useful files and upload and download files, documents, and tutorial to support and enrich their learning experience. Instructors manage folders and files so that students can access them in a record time. Files can also be shared with other classrooms, hence more people can benefit from the shared knowledge.

Share useful files and update your learning resources!
Generate MCQs and schedule exams for your students

Generate MCQs and schedule exams for your students!

Examido allows tutors/instructor to generate multiple choices questions (MCQs) as well as scheduling exams for their students and monitoring exams in real-time.
Besides, this educational application has many other features, such as the auto-calculation of students’ scores, the exportation and download of MCQs and exam results in PDF/Excell format, and sharing feedback with students.

Ask questions and evaluate answers!

With Examido you will get the opportunity to ask course/syllabus- related questions, your group members can answer them, and your instructor intervenes and monitors the answers in real-time to select the right answers for you and lift any ambiguities. It’ geneuinly such a divers and a prosperous learning environment that wherin tutors can evaluate their students’ answers in a synchronous mode !

Ask questions and evaluate answers
Share important events, engage, and motivate students to do better in their exams

Share important events, engage, and motivate students to do better in their exams!

As a teacher , you can add to the calendar impotant educational events such as Scientific fairs, creative writing competitions, quiz, exhibitions, visits to the museums, reading competions , plantation activities, sports competitions and many other activities to keep students engaged and deliver interesting and inspiring content.

Publish discussions, comment, Reflect and React with Examido!

Discussions are a great channel to promote interations among peers as well as between students and their teachers.This helps created a dynamic learning atmosphere where students can chat about the course, review and clarify key concepts, share their own experiences, defend and support their points of view with authentic scientific articles and videos which promotes critical thinking among students.

Publish, comment, Reflect and React
Send messages and keep in touch with your students

Send messages and keep in touch with your students!

Instant messaging is very crucial in online classroom setting : students can interact directly with their tutors, ask questions and receive real-time answers and feedback .It is an efficient communication tool which eliminates the barriers between students and instructors and guaranties effective learning environment to succced.




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